A Place of Analog Delight

Radar CuratorialGeneral

Let’s meditate in a place of analog delight. Like our analog reality of things like infinite amounts of colors we can see and infinite tones we can hear the artist Sascha Mallon’s worlds offer infinite possibilities for us to feel hope and desire, love and loss.

Sascha Mallon’s work of fierce dreamworlds serve to ground us in realities of pain and pleasure. It’s a headphones off and phones down experience that allows the viewer a chance to enter worlds that accompany lyrical fairy tale stories. The work is chock full of iconography that has one foot in our world and the other foot in a world of Mallon’s creation.

Sascha’s delicate drawing technique belies the strength and determination of the characters in her storied artwork. They run head-on into the windy elements. They are reborn from their sheltered lives and find ways, both in reality and in their dreamworld, to address their shortcomings and fulfill their desires.

To view more of Sascha Mallon’s work visit www.paperpencilair.com